The Shed short film


a short film by
Cunning Crow Productions with Red Earth Films


The first Red Earth-Cunning Crow Productions collaboration was The Shed which was the directorial debut of Mike Crowhurst. An ambitious first film running at nearly 30 minutes, it chronicles the story of Samantha and Paul who are starting to settle in to their new home and begin forging a new life together in married bliss. While hunting around curiously in their overgrown backyard, Paul stumbles upon an ancient, musty shed. Seemingly unattended for years, mysterious things start to happen the moment Paul cracks the padlock. For one confusing and harrowing Sunday, Paul inexplicably exposes the darker sides to his relationships with Samantha. And it won’t stop until he experiences the worst of them all.



This is a special 5-minute condensed version of the film produced for entry into a film competition. Click on the ‘Full Film’ tab if you wish to watch the entire 30 minute film!

Check out a few Production photos from the shoot.

Adam Fawns, Renai Caruso

Written, Directed & Edited by
Mike Crowhurst

Director of Photography
Mark Burkett

Art Director
Fabiane Ramos

Original music score
David Klokman, Cameron Mackay

Mike Crowhurst, Dave Scotney

Executive Producers
Aisling Crowhurst
A & F Cunningham

  • (May 2008) – THE SHED was chosen to appear in the 3rd annual Bridge Fest Film Festival, one of the largest international independent Film Festivals, bringing people, countries and continents together through the art of film-making. Films were screened in Vancouver (Canada), Belgrade (Serbia and Montenegro), Trebinje (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Kathmandu (Nepal).
  • (April 2008)Cast and crew screening: As there was no official premiere for the film, we finally got all the cast, crew and friends to come along for a screening, chat and some nibbles at the QPIX theatre in Wooloongabba.

Mike Crowhurst, Director, on The Shed: This is essentially my debut short film if you don’t count the little “practice” ones you do along the way to becoming a filmmaker. The Shed is a 30 minute drama which I deliberately set in my own house and used minimal cast in order to keep costs down. I also really wanted to focus on the small details of the story using a space and subject matter I was very familiar with. The look and atmosphere of the film was very important to me, as well as likeable and versatile characters and actors. I’ve always been fascinated with the subject of time-travel, time-displacement and other such topics, but I don’t like films that get so absorbed in the idea that they drown out the story with effects. I wanted this to be a story about the lives of these two people that have an inexplicable phenomenon happen along to complicate things, but not the other way around.

Watch the finished film in full here (rated PG: some coarse language and mild violence).

You’ll be able to view the film in full HD here soon