Street Dreams Series


a documentary series by Red Earth Films


Red Earth wants to create a highly comprehensive human trafficking and modern day slavery resource. 
By traveling the globe and capturing this world of human trafficking and modern day slavery on camera, we want to expose the dynamics of this issue and, in doing so, educate and stimulate people all over the world to tackle it.

This project has currently been shelved due to financial restraints and other factors. Please read on to see what we hope to eventually achieve and to find out more about the first Street Dreams film…


The Street Dreams Series and the entire project is named after the first documentary in the series already created in 2012. The first Street Dreams documentary was based on the central premise that each and every character in the film – in this instance, the girls in the sex trade – has hopes, dreams, ambitions, and therefore the same rights and humanity just like anyone watching the film. As each episode branches out to explore other characters in the world of human trafficking and modern day slavery, the emphasis on expressing this humanity will remain.

The Street Dreams Series will do as the name suggests, taking people to the “street,” and the gritty coalface of the human trafficking and modern day slavery issue. It is here that the audience will be confronted by tough realities which will give rise to some tough questions. Through a combination of powerful true stories and fresh insights, the Street Dreams audience will be immersed in the human trafficking and modern day slavery issue like never before. There will be no room for ignorance or complacency in the Street Dreams series as the truth of this phenomenon will be laid bare before the audience – with the need for a powerful response being the unavoidable conclusion.


The follow up to the original Street Dreams documentary will focus on the numerous individuals and groups that run the global human trafficking and modern day slavery industry. From those who recruit the slaves, all the way up to the heads of mafias, this documentary will uncover the hidden world that is responsible for the oppression of millions, while threatening the freedom of millions more.

As of now, we are in pre-production on this film, planning our strategy for moving forward, researching and raising the necessary funding to make the film. You can view our first fundraising campaign for this second film here:

To follow the progress or get involved with the creation of Episode 2 of Street Dreams, please visit the dedicated page at (previously the blog site for the first film, but will become the Series site shortly)



More trailers are available via our YouTube page or at the dedicated Street Dreams website.

Here is the promo pitch we used for Street Dreams (episode 2): Monsters, Mafias & Manipulators

You can view some Production photos from the shoot as well as shots from our tour around Australia with the first Street Dreams film, on Flickr.

Produced by
Jason Bray and Mike Crowhurst

Directed & Written by
Jason Bray

Filmed and Edited by
Mike Crowhurst

Jason Bray, Katie Wallis, Tony Kirwan, Marlene Alastra, Chong Kim, Paulo Fuller, Liney Chacko and Davy Chhun

Tanya Dahlenburg

Major Supporting Partners
Destiny Rescue, FOCUS, Inc., Hope Empowered Foundation

Executive Producers
Gary & Lynn Wallis, Wavell Heights Uniting Church, Duncan MacLeod, Heather & Brian Cosh, John & Annette Rurade

Chong Kim

Music by
Liam Griffin, Mardi Lumsden, Remember Seven and Aaron Nebauer

  • (Oct 2015) Street Dreams is available in full HD, as it was originally shot. Red Earth has launched a site at VHX and Street Dreams plus other titles are available for instant download at affordable prices
  • (July 2014) We have indefinitely shelved the additional films for the series but are seeking out more avenues for the first film.
  • (Sept 2013) We kicked off our first fundraising campaign for Street Dreams Episode 2:
  • (May 2013) Red Earth announces the intent to create a 4-part Street Dreams doco series with Episode 2 going to be entitled “STREET DREAMS: MAFIAS, MONSTERS AND MANIPULATORS.” Read the release for this news here.
  • (Aug-Sept 2012) Hot off the press, we took the first Street Dreams film on a 5-week tour of Australia (21 screenings in 34 days throughout 5 states, where a Red Earth representative was in attendance at each event). Over 1000 people saw the film and we got to stand up at each event and answer questions directly as well as giving us the chance to encourage people to think about this issue and follow through with some sort of action. It was a rollercoaster period with emotional highs and lows and one that we learned a lot from. You can see a great deal more postings and detail about the tour at the dedicated Street Dreams website.


Red Earth is pleased to offer HD downloads for purchase or rent of the first episode of the Street Dreams series. Please visit our VHX site where you can choose from all Red Earth titles as they become available. Street Dreams comes in two flavours: the film-only version and the Deluxe version which includes:

  • Jason’s Video Diary which offers a behind-the-scenes look at the filming of Street Dreams
  • Asia Dreams, Mike’s Scenic South East Asian montage
  • Red Lit Stage music video from human rights band Remember Seven, which was shot in a brothel in Manila

*Digital downloads fall under the license of personal home-viewing. For institutional or viewing, see below in the DVD section for obtaining a DVD with the appropriate license. See the bottom of this page for more information about licenses.


Red Earth continues to offer DVDs of the first episode of the Street Dreams series. Choose from an option below to be taken to our e-store located at Devine Media Solutions.


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Part of the proceeds from all DVD and license sales goes to support anti-trafficking organisations.

PAL & NTSC: DVDs can be purchased through our e-commerce portal in PAL (region 4) and NTSC (region 1) versions at the moment (we will create a region-free version during our next production run). We are not planning to release the film on Blu-Ray at this time but will likely distribute the film via digital download in the near future.

30-DAY RETURNS: DVDs may be returned in unopened packaging and the DVDs unused, including Institutional licensed versions. Please contact us prior to sending a return so we can track the item to ensure proper return. We are not responsible for lost items in transit.

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**STUDY GUIDE: to assist with covering this challenging topic, we are creating a study guide for our institutional version of Street Dreams. Along with helpful info, statistics and commentary about the issue, it will provide answers to typical questions and provide useful guidance and practical ideas of how the audience/students might put into action what they’ve experienced in the film. EARLY PURCHASERS of the Institutional Version will be entitled to an e-copy or print guide sent to them when it is completed.