Lost & Found short film


a short film by Mike Crowhurst
in conjunction with Red Earth Films



Created by Red Earth Films principal Mike Crowhurst, this short film examines a moral dilemma faced by a down-and-out shopkeeper as she balances her needs against what’s right. The film has been screened at Dungog Film Festival and was an entrant in the prestigious Queensland Short Film Competition which is part of the Brisbane International Film Festival. In 2010, the film was selected to be screened at the West End Film Festival in Brisbane.

Synopsis: Following a purse-snatch from a woman in the street, a thief discovers a lottery ticket in the purse. When she enquires about whether or not the ticket is worth anything from a local shop, her ticket is slyly confiscated by the shopkeeper who knows it’s a winner and intends to keep it for herself. The shopkeeper is faced with a difficult decision when she is then confronted by the real owner of the ticket.



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Watch the finished film in full here (rated PG: infrequent coarse language).
View the film in YouTube or full-screen to watch in full HD:

Check out a few Production photos from the shoot.

Mike Crowhurst

Colin J. Pearce

Kate Cullen, Emma Randall, Warren Meacham and Emma Albury

Mark Burkett

Camera Operator
Brad Addison

Original music courtesy of
Liam Griffin

Assistant Director
Fabiane Ramos

  • Official-Selection-BIFFmag(2011) – screened at the 2nd Annual WEST END FILM FESTIVAL, West End, Brisbane, Queensland
  • (2009) – was invited to the 18th Annual St. George BRISBANE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL; QUEENSLAND SHORT FILM COMPETITION. Lost&Found was invited and accepted into this year’s festival as one of 10 finalists to be selected to be screened and judged. While Lost&Found didn’t come out with any prizes, it was exciting to be considered in the same company as some of Queensland’s fine filmmakers.
  • (2009) – 3rd Annual DUNGOG FILM FESTIVAL, Dungog, New South Wales. Lost&Found was invited and accepted into this up and coming Australian film festival which draws quite a lot of interest being that it’s only in its 3rd year
  • (12 June, 2008) – LOST&FOUND PREMIERE took place at the Portside Dendy theatre in Hamilton, Brisbane and was the celebration and graduation of this year’s QPIX Directors who had completed this first and last time course. The film was attended by a cross-section of filmmakers, cinematographers, actors and producers. Many had been involved in the films but there were also others from the industry keen to see what we’d gotten up to.

Lost-Found-articleMike Crowhurst, Director, on Lost&Found: This film was created through the excellent QPIX Director’s Course and was produced on an extremely low budget of less than $300 of out-of-pocket expenses. I was hoping to create a sort of no-frills look anyway as the intention was to be a “kitchen sink” kind of story as my mentor Evan Clarry put it. So all the visual and shooting styles you’ll see in the film were deliberate to help make the setting as ordinary and authentic as possible.

I was very pleased with my actors, particularly the lead actress, Kate Cullen whom I think perfectly embodies the character that I imagined as I wrote the script. A lot of credit is due to my colleagues who helped shape this film with me and made me realise just how collaborative a film must be in order to iron out the wrinkles and allow all the different talents to shine through.

This is one of those little “what would you do in their shoes” kinds of films which I enjoy, so I hope you like it too.