Cry Until You Laugh documentary


a documentary by Red Earth Film Productions {currently in production}


The Larkins are a family of seven who have overcome incredible personal struggles to become a family with an enormous ability to touch others with their generosity, compassion and creativity.

This documentary will follow the crazy but loveable Larkin parents, Dave and Adrienne, plus their five children as they travel from their home on Australia’s Sunshine Coast to the mountains of Northern Thailand to visit a marginalised Hill Tribe and refugees children that reside there. As we follow the Larkins on this overseas adventure, we will come to understand their back-story; the journey of an emerging young family that fought hard to live lives that values open-heartedness, love for people and self expression over and against the pressures of a highly conformist and materialistic world. The audience will witness first hand both the spontaneity and closeness of the Larkins as surprises await them during their adventure. A profoundly engaging encounter with local marginalised children will bring a heightened awareness of the blessings of their own family and the needs of their global sisters and brothers.

Through this cross-cultural encounter, we will understand how the Larkin’s life journey has moulded them into a off-beat but compassionate family with a wonderful ability to love and empower others who also struggle on the margins of the modern world.

Poignant and yet full of Larkin craziness, Cry Until You Laugh will be a documentary that affirms the non-conformists in our society who also take the road less traveled, and in so doing become a blessing to thousands.

Here is a short sample segment from the film to give you an idea of how things are going. In this clip we visit the Larkins once they are in Chiang Mai and heading to visit an orphanage in the western highlands of Thailand. You can view the video in 720p HD in YouTube as well.

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Check out a few Production photos from the shoot.

I have known Dave and Adrienne Larkin since 1997. When we first met, the Larkins and myself were at vulnerable stages of our lives. Yet through our mutual struggles I came to realise that here was truly unique family who had the wonderful ability to open up their lives and share their wins, losses, tears and laughter – and I mean LOTS of laughter! The source of the laughter flowed from creative and fertile mind of Dave who could paint, act, play music and have a room full of people in fits of laughter with his spontaneous wit and showmanship. Less showy, but no less significant, Adrienne has the caring heart of a mother with the ability to emotionally embrace and heal those who are wounded and struggling with her unending reserves of mercy.

It has not been easy or straightforward journey for Dave, Adrienne and the five kids, but by being true and honest with themselves they have come a considerable way. Today, Dave expresses his creativity as a chaplain at a local primary school. Adrienne not only helped raised five great children but is taking the lead in taking foster children into their household. Now the Larkin family turn their attention to children outside Australia, who like themselves, struggle to overcome life’s obstacles.


I want to make this documentary because of the admiration I have for the Dave, Adrienne and their entire family. I find their journey inspirational and believe that it will challenge and inspire others to live, or at least think, outside the box too – even if just a little bit. I am hoping that those who watch this film will consider how they can emulate the Larkin’s compassion and generous life style to others, and particularly those who are confronted by difficult circumstances. We are hoping that the documentary will also be able to raise funds for the projects that the Larkin’s encounter in Northern Thailand so the film itself will be another expression of the Dave and Adrienne’s desire to reach out and assist those who are marginalised and hurting.

Jason Bray

Mike Crowhurst

The Larkins: Dave, Adrienne, Corey, Jessica, Ben, Zac and Josh; Aaron Blue; the Brays