Critics Anonymous short film


a short film by
Red Earth Films


In the hidden corners of our society they gather, our society’s elite, the cultural gate keepers – Film Critics. But the reviewers at this gathering aren’t here to wax lyrical about the latest Scorsese release or reflect on Cannes. These men and women gather in shame and weakness to wrestle with the stark reality that film critics may not be the intellectual superiors they think they are. Join young upcoming film critic Philip Hughes as he attends his first night at Critics Anonymous where he will discover once and for all if he can “handle the truth”.



Check out a few Production photos from the shoot.

Philip Hughes – David Ireland
John Mahoney – Jack Bradford
Janitor – David Larkin
Serge – Chris Chapman
Sylvia – Sue Chapman
Rupert – Troy Stoilkovski

Written & Directed by
Jason Bray

Camera Operator & Editor
Mike Crowhurst

Director of Photography
Mark Burkett

Assistant Director
Fabiane Ramos

Original music score
David Klokman, Cameron Mackay

Production Manager
Dave Scotney

Original Score
Graham Hobson

Critics-page-graphicJason Bray, Director, on Critics: This film was inspired after seeing several movies which I loved at the time (Matrix Revolutions, The Lady Killers) only to be told later by critics and film loving peers that they were rubbish and then watching “classics” which I feel asleep in (Sommersault). I hope there are traces of Cohen Brothers and Tim Burton in this short but I fear people will pick up a stronger Alan Smithee influence.

This is my first short film and we had two primary locations. The opening and closing scenes of the movie were shot at the Dendy Portside in Brisbane. To test try this location the principal crew and myself watched The Lives of Others in the cinema we ended up using. This movie was good we just had to use the it. The second location was at the Uniting Church building in Brisbane. This room first captured my attention when I went for a job interview there in 2000. The room was very intimidating with it’s use of light shadows. It made these humble church folk look like members of the mafia. It gave Critics Anonymous the surreal we were looking for. For whatever reason it reminded us of the floor in Being John Malkovich.

The shoot took place over 2 days and big thanks go to all the volunteer cast and crew who gave up their precious time. The good news is that a few cast members of the cast have gone onto better things. Jack Bradford (John Mahoney) received a role in the upcoming Spierig Brothers Day Breakers playing opposite Ethan Hawke, Rowan Chapman (Boy #1 in the cinema) played a role in the Australian film How to Change in 9 Weeks featuring Guy Pearce, Miranda Otto and Sam Neill. But no one got a better role then Tristan who, despite sitting in one seat all day doing nothing during our shoot, has secured the role of marrying Colleen in May this year!

Watch the finished film in full here (rated PG: some coarse language and mild violence).
(the current film below is in SD, but will be available in HD next week):