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Feb’14 Travel vlog #1 – Melbourne Airport

Well, I’m holed up at Tullamarine Airport in Melbourne for over 12 hours so what better way to pass the time than to create our first “vlog” (video blog) of our Red Earth 6-week shoot odyssey. We’ll be doing a host of different shoots and hopefully also just stumble upon some interesting unexpected stuff along […]


Stories to tell in Thailand and Ethiopia

Just a brief bit of breaking news to tell you folks about our exciting forthcoming trip to various parts of Thailand and a special trip to Ethiopia! We’ve got a few ideas and projects under our hats which we won’t reveal just yet, but stay tuned as we plan to give you an up-close-and-personal look […]

The Larkins

Cry Until You Laugh – a documentary project

Red Earth Films recently completed principal filming of a new documentary project, Cry Until You Laugh, a celebration of the unorthodox Queensland family, the Larkins. Shooting took place late September at Australia’s Sunshine Coast and through October in northern Thailand. Read below for an introduction to this project, check out the project in greater detail […]

boy behind bars

Red Earth strikes back with a new plan

Despite an heroic last-minute effort by many generous supporters to get us closer to our goal, our crowdfunding campaign failed to reach its objective last Friday. Since then we have been doing some serious soul searching. If you haven’t realised, as we did not hit our $30,000 goal, we did not get any of the […]


Crowdfunding a new Street Dreams film

Following the success of our first crowd-funded Street Dreams film (for which we are grateful to many you!), Jason and Mike return to create the next episode in a four-part series on human trafficking and modern day slavery. This episode will explore trafficking and slavery through the eyes of those running and organising this $30 […]


Red Earth’s first North American screening

The original Street Dreams documentary will be screening for the first time in North America at: The Star is a boutique cinema on Vancouver Island which is located a 1.5 hour ferry ride from Vancouver. Red Earth’s Mike Crowhurst will MC the event and will answer audience questions following the screening. We are still trying to draw local […]


Visit the dedicated Street Dreams blog

Most of Red Earth’s projects can be previewed or read about on our new website, but with our Street Dreams documentary being our biggest undertaking, we decided to give it a website of it’s own. The Street Dreams site is a blog which we update regularly as we begin to move forward in creating a […]


Out with the old…

Welcome to our new and improved website, brought up to the standards of 2013! The old site was a stitched-together assemblage of many years of alterations of a certain structure, and it was starting to show its age (based around an 800×600 resolution computer monitor standard and my web design knowledge from the late 20th […]