Breathless documentary


a documentary by Jason Bray / Red Earth Films


Official-Selection-BarcelonaThe documentary Breathless tackles one of the most disturbing patterns in drug use in Queensland, Australia today: the inhaling of household products like paint and glue. Through the voices of a grieving mother, a homeless man, a street kid and many others, Breathless introduces the world to the homeless, the marginalised, the abused and the addicted living in South East Queensland.

With honesty and compassion, Breathless gives the viewer access to the thoughts and feelings of those who are deeply affected by this dangerous addiction. While these stories contain sadness and heartache, by the end of this film, we hope that the viewer will also have gained sense of hope and admiration for the strength of our subjects. Breathless is a moving story that offers an interesting and profound insight into this dark world.


“A lot of people walk down the street and they don’t wanna see…people on the street… because it screws up their perfect reality.” – Peta

“There’s gotta be some deep wounds, some deep psychological wounds for these kids to be coming down here and try to block it all out…” – Rivers

“…when she was looking to have a sniff, she was the worst kid you could ever imagine.” – Kathy Harrsion


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Check out a few Production photos from the shoot.

Jason Bray

Jonathan Scarlett

Kathy, Shontay, Leeanne and Elgar Harrison, Peta, Rivers and Chris Cohen

Skevos Mavros

Original music
Graham Hobson & Rivers

Associate Producers
Dave Scotney, Mike Crowhurst

Executive Producers
Michael Jeffrey, Rev. Bruce Warren

Assistant Director
Fabiane Ramos

  • (MAY 11 – 15, 2008 in Barcelona, Spain) – 19th Annual INTERNATIONAL DRUGS AND HARM REDUCTION FILM FESTIVAL Breathless was invited and accepted into this year’s IHRA Film Festival. This was our first film festival acceptance and we were thrilled that Breathless was invited to submit.
  • (20 February, 2006)BREATHLESS PREMIERE: The premiere of Breathless took place at the Palace Centro theatre in New Farm, Brisbane. The film was attended by the honourable Ms Quentin Bryce, Governor of Queensland. It was well received by a cross-section of professionals in social assistance industries and other areas related to improving the lives of the many homeless and substance-abuse victims throughout Queensland and Australia.

“I utilised the Breathless DVD for both professional and academic purposes. I feel it is an extremely useful tool for practitioners in training, especially those who have not yet experienced the practical side of their chosen field.” – S.A., Bundaberg, QLD

“This is a great documentary. We attended the launch which was filled with positive energy despite the grim subject matter. It is often shown to young people to demonstrate real problems of VSM.” – youth centre, QLD

“I find this a very useful product. I make it available to my volunteers to show chroming in real life. I’m sure my employer would be interested in contributing to any similar projects regarding any drug and alcohol-related topics” – government drug and alcohol centre, Brisbane, QLD

“The film was a fantastic opportunity to gain valuable insight into the individual/social influences and of youth culture in general. The personal stories of loss and survival were particularly moving and enabled the viewer to better understand chroming and addiction (10 stars)” – J.M., Brisbane, QLD

Breathless-DVD-iconBreathless is available on our digital download site

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** This film is exempt from Australian film and video classification.
This is a resource designed for social workers and is to be used as a tool for training and education **