Ballots and Bullets – A Documentary


a documentary by Jason Bray


When Aussie film-maker and social worker, Jason Bray, arrives in the Philippines, he is a man on a mission. Motivated by a deep sense of frustration at the imbalance of rich and poor in the island nation, Jason will delve back into his previous Filipino experiences in an attempt to address the injustices of this colourful yet volatile country.

In May 2007, Jason and his cameraman Woody join an unusal mix of Europeans, Australians and Filipinos to monitor the violent rural province of Nueva Ecija. With purpose and excitement, the group travel the countryside meeting dubious politicians, hearing stories of mass corruption and even visiting the aftermath of a shootout. What starts off as an exciting adventure slowly turns into a nightmare as the fear and intimidation of Filipino political violence infiltrates the group and leads to division and confusion just days after the election.

In the present day, Jason is out to discover what the outcome of the 2007 election was for Nueva Ecija and the group – who won, who lost and who survived? More importantly, in a political landscape dominated by guns, goons and gold, can Jason discover where the hope in the Philippines future lies? Two years in the making, Ballots and Bullets is a thrilling, yet heart felt documentary that is entertaining, insightful and ultimately challenging for anyone concerned about the plight of those struggling to live under oppressive political regimes.

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Check out a few Production photos from the shoot.

Jason Bray

Nathan “Woody” Woodward, Russel Brown

Meg Manubay, Lars Grenburg, Iona Jalijali, Nening Jochson, Josel Gonzales, Jason Bray and Nathan Woodward

Skevos Mavros

Graham Hobson

Andrew Johnson

Supervising Executive Producer
Graeme Duckham

Supervising Producer
Rebecca Fawcett

  • (Feb 2010) Ballots and Bullets completed a local tour campaign with 4 screening dates through S.E. Queensland, plus single shows in Perth, Sydney and Adelaide. Thanks to everyone who came to the shows and provided their support for what we are doing.
  • (Feb 2010) A re-edited DVD version is now available and will be kicked off at a series of screenings beginning in March in SE Queensland. In April we hope to continue the tour with screenings in most other major cities in Australia. Stay tuned to our website for those upcoming dates as they are firm.
  • (Oct 2009) Finally two and a half years in the making and several trips to the Philippines, Ballots and Bullets is getting closer to completion. Running at a tight smooth 52 minutes long, Ballots and Bullets will be doing the rounds with the broadcasters any day now. With wonderful contributions from from Skev Mavros (Editor), Graham Hobson (Sound track) Russell Brown, Woody (both camera) and the QPIX documentary development team , Ballots and Bullets has never looked and sounded so exciting.

Ballots-DVD-iconWe are pleased to be able to offer the Ballots and Bullets DVD for sales from our separate e-commerce website (handled by Devine Media Solutions).

DVDs are in region-free PAL format (please be aware if you are purchasing from regions like North America which is NTSC)

** This film is exempt from Australian film and video classification.
This is a resource designed for social workers and is to be used as a tool for training and education **