About Red Earth Films

RED EARTH FILMS is a independent film and television production company consisting of Mike Crowhurst and Jason Bray . Established in 2005, Red Earth has worked on a number of acclaimed projects from short films, video clips, corporate videos and documentaries. We are proud to have helped numerous agencies on meaningful commissioned work designed to help others, such as Lifeline Queensland, the Uniting Church, the Waiters Union community group and Peninsula Eye Care. We have completed 3 feature documentaries plus numerous short films from a variety of genres.

Through our Starfish Project*, we are committed to telling the stories of the marginalised people in this world, primarily through the medium of documentary. The Starfish project is designed to allow small-to-medium-sized Aid organizations and social-concern groups to publicise their work through film and television at minimal cost to the organization itself.

Please contact us if you have a burning desire to get involved in an exciting film production, having an idea you want produced or a business video that we can tackle!

* The simple and oft-told story that the Starfish project is based around is: once a girl and a man were walking down a beach covered in starfish. The girl suggests that they help the poor creatures who were drying out in the heat of the day. The man said, “Why even bother, there are thousands of dying starfish here. What difference could we possibly make?” The girl paused, picked a starfish up and placed it in the water. She replied, “I made a difference to that one.”


JasonJASON BRAY – A Youth Worker for 16 years, Jason brings excellent people-skills and creative ideas to the team. He has a keen interest in documentaries and his first three are gripping human stories: the recent Street Dreams is a powerful insight into the international sex industry as experienced by the girls made to service it, and those trying to save them; Breathless looks at drug addiction in Queensland; and Ballots and Bullets follows the dangerous political elections in the Philippines. Jason also has a passion for creative fiction with his comedy short film, Critics Anonymous, being his first foray into this area.

Contact Jason

Direct phone: int’l dial +60.822.544.502


Direct email: jason@redearthfilms.com.au


Breathless (2005) – Documentary *** screened at Harm Reduction Festival in Barcelona
Ballots & Bullets (2009) – Documentary *** screened in 5-city Australian tour
Street Dreams (2012) – Documentary *** screened in 20-venue Australian tour

MIKE CROWHURST – Over the past 23 years, Mike has honed business, design and filmmaking skills through his own multimedia and video production companies, skills that have been essential to both the creative and business ends of film. As well as being a jack-of-all-trades as television news cameraman, video editor and graphic designer, Mike’s interests in writing and directing for film can be seen in his short films Lost&Found and The Shed plus his mini-documentary Connected By Design: Zaishu. All of these skills collided in order to create Red Earth’s most ambitious film to date, Street Dreams, on which Mike was Producer, director of photography, editor, visual effects producer, audio and music tech, travel coordinator, accountant and more!

Contact Mike

Direct phone: 0405.141.445 (int’l dial +61.405.141.445)


Direct email: mike@redearthfilms.com.au


The Shed (2007) – short film *** screened at Bridge Fest Film Festival 2008
Zaishu: Connected By Design (2007) – Documentary
Lost&Found (2009) – short film *** screened at QSFC at the Brisbane International 
Film Festival 2009
*** screened at Dungog Film Festival 2009
*** screened at West End Film Festival 2011

Street Dreams (2012) – Documentary *** screened in 20-venue Australian tour