Rohingya update

Rohingya Crisis update and appeal

Apologies for the long gap between posts!

Red Earth is dormant but Jason continues to have concern for the Rohingya people since his 2015 State of Rakhine film touched on the crisis as it was then. He is hoping to appeal to our followers and supporters to take it to the next step of covering this tragedy as things have recently turned critical. Here is what he has to say about his plan:


Hopefully some of you have noticed the news ( ABC News | Irrawaddy | CNN ) of the recent Rohingya crises as over 70.000 of them are fleeing into Bangladesh to escape intense violence from the Burmese military.

It is hard to watch these images knowing that just 2 years ago I was filming the people and townships who are now being attacked. I actually stood and looked across the river into Bangladesh, the river where people are now drowning in trying to get away from Burmese military. It is for this reason that I am busy exploring ways to get across to Bangladesh to continue my filming of the Rohingya story. Apart from my obvious concern of the people there, the more reasons for continuing filming Rohingya is for the following reasons:

  • Due to a fallout between the NGOs attached too the previous project, they have requested The State of Rakhine film be withdrawn. I still have the footage, and it belongs to me, but I cannot tell that particular story.
  • Recent events have revealed the true nature of the Rohingya persecution: it is not driven by religious hatred between Muslims and Buddhists but the REAL reason is the Burmese Govt. The original documentary skirted around this fact, but we don’t need to do that any more – the cat is out of the bag.
  • During my last tour to Australia, I came across Rohingya based in Australia. I always thought that the Rohingya story was relevant to Australia and any future project I do, I want to connect more closely to those Rohingya (and other refugees) in Australia.

Anyway, everyone I’m not sure how this is going to work out, I’m still trying to contact an NGO on the ground in Bangladesh that will allow me direct access to the Rohingya refugees. I have sent out word though my Burmese/NGO network so now I must wait and see.  They must be busy so it could take time. When I get an opportunity, I will let you all know and we might pass the hat around to make it happen.

Stay tuned everyone and keep the Rohingya folk in your thoughts and prayers.


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