State of Rakhine – Australian screenings

A new documentary, The State of Rakhine, produced by Red Earth filmmaker Jason Bray, screened at a variety of locations throughout Australia in March 2016.

This isn’t a big Red Earth Films event like in the past, but rather an intimate gathering to screen some of Jason’s recent short-form documentaries that look specifically at refugee issues, natural disaster response support and inspiring work by folks helping some of the world’s most vulnerable communities. Most of the work is being done by Christian organisations and individuals. The smaller audience was aimed at opening up conversation surrounding the issues raised in the films.

THE STATE OF RAKHINE  The main documentary is a 30-minute piece which features Jason’s trek into a difficult area of Myanmar where western faces like his are rarely glimpsed by locals. He visited with a Christian group offering support to the ostracized Rohingya refugees who have been largely bullied and then forgotten by the Myanmar government. Due to the sensitive nature of the video, it will not be aired online and so this is the only opportunity to see it.

Jason does not consider either version to be definitive and absolute in its story, but rather, conversation starters on any number issues ranging from Christian mission in a multi–faith, non-Western environment, through to Australia’s role in supporting the world’s most persecuted minority in the Rohingya.

The INSPIRE 2016 Video Collection features several video clips and visual content produced for NGOs and Missions over the last year in South East Asia. Many of these videos are situated in desperate and high profile destinations:

  • Two shoots in Central Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan hit in 2013
  • The Charis Project working with Burmese Migrant Workers in Mae Sot on the Thai/Burmese border
  • A video created after 2015 Nepal earthquake disaster
  • Free Burma Rangers, a local NGO that went to support the fight against ISIS in Northern Iraq and Syria, filmed in Kurdistan.

Screenings took place in Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, Cairns and Adelaide.