Thailand meetings wrap up

Red Earth Directors Mike and Jason wrapped up a week of meetings in Thailand this week discussing plans for moving forward with a number of projects. What emerged from the meetings was a renewed sense of direction as we began to see how our various ideas could form a plan for the near future.

We’re never short of ideas but always short on funding, so the new direction lays out how we might move forward with our projects with and without major funding, piggybacking the material we want to do with work that others commission us to do. We also have a couple of strong feature-length film/series ideas in mind, working together on the sporting channel Jason started and developing a YouTube channel that will feature the kind of work we are passionate about. A theme of hopeful stories in dark places continues to be the thrust of our motivations, and those who know us will gain an even more defined vision of that idea with our forthcoming channels (a dedicated announcement for that in the coming weeks!)

As always, we rely on our Supporters to rally behind us and help us bring these stories to light. Beyond previous financial support (for which we are grateful), we rely on your ideas, network connections, goodwill and well-wishing to keep us on track and in good spirits. We anticipate that our website and Facebook page will be alight with much more regular activity very soon! Thanks for your continued encouragement!

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