The Larkins

Cry Until You Laugh – a documentary project

Red Earth Films recently completed principal filming of a new documentary project, Cry Until You Laugh, a celebration of the unorthodox Queensland family, the Larkins. Shooting took place late September at Australia’s Sunshine Coast and through October in northern Thailand.

Read below for an introduction to this project, check out the project in greater detail in our Documentary section or click here to see some photos from the Thailand adventure during the shoot…

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This documentary follows the crazy but loveable Larkins, a family of seven who have overcome incredible personal struggles to become a family with an enormous ability to touch others with their generosity, compassion and creativity.

Poignent and yet full of Larkin craziness, Cry Until You Laugh takes the audience on a culture-filled experience through Thailand, seeing the world through the eyes of a family who had barely left Australia before this amazing adventure. Through this cross-cultural encounter, we will understand how the Larkin’s life journey has moulded them into a off-beat but compassionate family with a wonderful ability to love and empower others who also struggle on the margins of the modern world…
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Cry Until You Laugh is currently in production.