Red Earth client work

Below is an overview of some of the main clients we’ve worked with through the years.

We are very privileged to have had the opportunity to work with organisations whose mandate is to help others in need and explore human stories. Below are a few briefs and samples of the resulting outcomes.

Client: Waiters Union, Brisbane, Qld

About the Client: The Waiters Union is a community of people living in the West End of Brisbane, Australia who practice many forms of “true” community. In engaging with the marginalised, disabled, demonised, alienated, needy and forgotten members of society, the Waiters Union aims to bring a light to those who live in the dark corners of society. The video features acclaimed writer and leader in this sort of community thinking, Dave Andrews, who lives in the West End community.

Producer: Uniting Church Australia

Brief: Produce a promotional video that would show a real-life, live-in example of what a typical Waiters Union 2-week community orientation course looks like.


Project completion: 2010
Budget: low
Client benefits: Increased signings to the course; a way to show supporters and partner organisations what they are doing; a teaching tool for instructors to the course; a way to evaluate the course in its current form.
Red Earth benefits: Trying to gain increased experience doing documentaries, this was a good opportunity to do a doco-styled shoot but over a shorter period and test-drive certain shooting styles; connecting with groups that we believe in and fit a similar moral agenda that we strive for as well; maintain a positive alliance with business partners we have worked with prior.


As the course is difficult to describe to newcomers and give an adequate sense of the impact it can have on potential participants, the challenge we faced was to provide an accurate yet open and impartial example of a typical experience. As everyone will take something different from the actual course, we needed to show the wide variety of activities and some personal testimonies from the participants. We needed to show how the emotional and highly personal experience of attending such a course could be conveyed to any audience so that they could project themselves being there and gleaning valuable information and experiences from it. From a technical standpoint, we needed to shoot inconspicuously as well as allow participants not to be intimidated that their expressed thoughts might somehow be used to embarrass them in the final video. Shooting was done with one of the first DSLR cameras on the market, the Nikon D90, which was less-intimidating and economic to shoot with, but overheated during long shoot sessions (plus it was mid-summer in hot, humid Brisbane) which caused problems occasionally.

The resulting edits went through a board-like approval process and was ultimately well-received.

Final outcome

The full Waiters Union final video project:

The video was distributed on DVD to use for future program participants.


Client: Lifeline Community Care, Brisbane, Qld

About the Client: Lifeline offers direct suicide and crisis hotline counseling. They also work in the community over the medium-to-long term, implementing community development projects, providing subsidised training, conducting suicide interventions and establishing long-term counsellors in schools or communities where needed.

Producer: Lifeline

Brief: The aim was give the audience an insight into the work of Lifeline Brisbane focusing on their work in Domestic Violence, Homelessness and Child Care. Lifeline wanted their audience (supporters and employees from other departments) to not only KNOW what Lifeline does but to actually FEEL the work so that they value what the organization offers. Despite some challenging scenes and stories, the “film” finishes on a hopeful note to show that Lifeline is making a difference in lives.


Project completion: 2006
Budget: fair
Client benefits: They had a DVD hand-out that they can quickly and at no-charge provide anyone who wanted to get a clearer idea of who the staff were that were working behind-the-scenes to make a difference in people’s lives, as well as see what kinds of troubled people and challenging scenarios they encountered on a daily basis. It was succinct and visual, dramatic but hopeful which struck a good balance for their needs.
Red Earth benefits: By employing a method of docu-drama to the video, it gave us the opportunity to show something dramatic and entertaining of what could have potentially been clinical and dry. Being a fairly-budgeted job meant our young company (at the time) could employ adequate staff and not have to cut corners in order to provide a quality product. The result was an invigorating drama which was well-received by Lifeline. The DVD went into re-prints and they lauded our effort.


One challenge was to find a way to explore a possibly dry subject in an accepting and informative yet entertaining way for a broad audience. We also had to successfully incorporate fairly dramatic sequences featuring implied drug and physical abuse, domestic violence and child neglect balanced against interviews, statistical data and wind it up as a positive final message of hope. Being a new company, we were also learning the best methods to employ in all areas of production.

Final outcome

The full Chances for Change video (watch on YouTube for higher-res version):

The video was distributed on DVD to present and potential supporters.

Client: Uniting Church Australia, Brisbane, Qld

About the Client: UCA had a branch that had discretionary funding for digital media and educational projects like these two, which fell outside of their usual funding. The intent of these types of projects was to create paid resources that could be used within the Uniting Church realm but weren’t so specific as to not be able to be easily picked up by other denominations or organisations alike.

Producer: UCA

Brief: To create useful resources that could be used in a group or individual setting to expand what it is the Church should be and is doing in the 21st century. They wanted a relevant and modern look at religion today to provide followers of Christ and the Church with a way to reach out and better work within the community, and address new issues in today’s Christian lifestyle.


Project completion: 2008, 2010
Budget: fair
Client benefits: to receive a professionally-produced, innovative and modern resource that could serve them for years to come; to have an easy resource that could be picked up by any group and be immediately useful and enriching.
Red Earth benefits: provided us with an interesting and diverse subject to sink our teeth into; pushed us to use all of our available skills and resources to creatively find solutions for issues.


The challenges of a project like this were that we needed to cover a wide-range of stories from geographically spread-out areas within budget and occasionally under-resourced. We also needed to find engaging and creative ways to tell stories that often lacked in available supplementary footage or that were recalling historical material or events. The creative challenge of finding a fresh perspective on Christian-based material especially for a modern and younger audience was one we had to bear in mind.

Final outcome

Faith Stories sample excerpt:

The video was distributed on DVD to present and potential supporters.