Out with the old…

Welcome to our new and improved website, brought up to the standards of 2013!

The old site was a stitched-together assemblage of many years of alterations of a certain structure, and it was starting to show its age


The old site…colourful but static

(based around an 800×600 resolution computer monitor standard and my web design knowledge from the late 20th century).

The new site is appropriately based on a WordPress blog structure which will be much easier to upkeep, employs modern HTML5 standards so it works and looks snazzy, and, as it is a blog, will allow for regular updates about our work. In addition, users on smartphones and tablets will automatically see our website properly formatted for their device.

Overall, we hope the new look is synonymous with our vision for the future, as we embark on projects that will carry us into colourful and exciting territory. We are currently engaged in pre-production planning for the second in our four-part documentary series on modern-day slavery, while organising an educational roll-out for our first film in the Street Dreams series. Red Earth are in discussions to shoot a long-term documentary project in SE Asia on orphanages and are planning crowdfunding campaigns for both this and Street Dreams. There are a number of overseas opportunities we are looking into as well with news to come on that when they begin to come clear for us.

Have a look around the website, check out our links (sidebar, top left) if you haven’t visited our YouTube page, Facebook group pages (Red Earth‘s and our Street Dreams group), our new Flickr page which will house all our photos from now on or our Twitter feed (which we’ll need to get more adept at using!) then have a look. You can also subscribe to this site or to our periodic newsletter (sidebar, bottom left) for more occasional news.

Visit us anytime and feel free to drop us a line…we’d love to hear from you!