Movember – Ben Clark

Through Movember 2015, Ben Clark and Mike Crowhurst (me, the Cunning Crow/this website) have teamed up to bring you a series of funny pictures of Ben’s moustache growing and doing funny things and having a good laugh in the meantime. Our intention was to raise awareness about mental illness, especially in developing countries where depression and other illnesses are prevalent. We decided to fundraise $1500 towards TEAR Australia’s mental illness programs and WE MADE IT thanks to the many folks that supported our little endeavor (Visit the fundraising page for more info)

We’ve tried to pic people who either have a history of conquering or supporting mental illness, have great mo’s or are named Ben 🙂

Below is the final gallery of images, starting with Day 1. You can also see a short video presentation that shows off the pics in all their high-definition goodness:



Here’s some other helpful stuff if you’re looking for Men’s Health and support